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What You Should Know About Testogen Booster Drops?

Men require testosterone to maintain their masculinity.

But due to modern lifestyle, testosterone levels are declining at an alarming rate due to emotional strains, processed foods, alcohol, and high sugar levels.

This has resulted in low T-levels even in young men below age 30.

You have probably come across Testogen: one of the most popular T-boosters and the only that comes with testosterone booster drops that facilitate rapid testosterone rush.

Here is everything you should know about Testogen Booster Drops.

What is Testogen Booster Drops?

Testogen Booster Drops is a liquid formula that facilitates faster absorption of the active ingredients in Testogen capsules into the bloodstream resulting in more rapid testosterone production.

They allow immediate delivery of active elements in the bloodstream.

They are designed to be taken together with Testogen capsules.

Testogen Booster Drops Ingredients

The booster drops contain natural ingredients including

Epimedium Sagittatum

It is also known as horny goat weed.

It improves erectile dysfunction by protecting nerves, enhances the immune system, and strengthens bones.

Pfaffia Paniculata

Pfaffia Paniculata is also known as suma, or Brazilian Ginseng (it is not related to ginseng).

It is an adaptogen that supports the body to adjust to stress by enhancing the immune system.

Also, it is used as an aphrodisiac to enhance sexual arousal.

Vitamin D

A study published in the International Journal of Endocrinology showed Vitamin D supplementation improves sexual health in men.

Previous studies showed that low levels of Vitamin D were linked to poor sexual function in men.

Panax Korean Ginseng

Panax Korean Ginseng boosts stamina, energy and immune system.

It also reduces fatigue and lowers blood glucose levels, thus enhancing cognition.

Studies show Panax ginseng boosts free testosterone in the body.

Moringa Oleifera

Moringa is becoming a popular aphrodisiac.

Studies show that moringa oleifera may enhance sexual dysfunction caused by stress.


Zinc promotes the circulation of free testosterone in the bloodstream.


L-Arginine is a popular vasodilator.

It changes to nitric oxide, which promotes relaxation of blood vessels, enhancing blood circulation to the reproductive organs.

How to Use?

Testogen booster drops should be used orally; two doses twice daily.

They should be taken together with Testogen capsules.

Benefits of Testogen Booster drops

Testogen booster drops facilitate faster absorption of the ingredients in the bloodstream to:

  • Boost strength and power immediately
  • Enhance your physical performance
  • Rapid energy increase and stamina
  • Promote leaner muscle by burning fat faster
  • Increase focus and sexual motivation
  • Increase libido

Packages and Pricing

Testogen booster drops can be purchased on their own or as part of Testogen combos.


  • 1 month supply (60ml testodrops): $34.99 | Savings $5.00
  • 2 month’s supply +1 month free (180ml testodrops): $69.98 | Savings: $50.00
  • 3 month’s supply +2 months free (300ml testodrops): $104.97 | Savings: $95.00

Testogen Combos

  • 1 month’s supply (1 bottle of Testogen (120 capsules) + 1 bottle of Testodrops (60ml): $89.99 | Savings : $20.00
  • 2 month’s supply (3 bottles of Testogen(360 capsules) + 1 month free (3 bottles of Testodrops (180ml): $189.97 |Savings : $140.00
  • 3 month’s supply (5 bottles of Testogen (600 capsules) + 2 months free (5 bottles of Testodrops (300 ml): $284.96 | Savings : $265.00

Take Away

Testodrops boost your testosterone levels faster by enhancing direct ingredient delivery into the bloodstream.

This results in quicker and improved effect from Testogen capsules.