My partner is pregnant

Remember, you are probably the most important person your partner has throughout the pregnancy. She will look to you for support, information and a little stress relief every now and then.

Being there for your partner can actually decrease her risk of complications during delivery and increase her chances of breastfeeding successfully.

Your role is vital. So is your health. Take care of yourself so your family stays healthy.

Stay Healthy

Here are some tips on how you can keep yourself, your partner and your baby healthy:

  • Get checked for STIs, even if you feel fine. You can still pass on infections to your partner and that can hurt a developing baby.
  • Avoid alcohol, smoking and drugs, and help your partner quit. It’s much easier for moms-to-be to avoid these dangerous substances if you do, too.
  • Remove dangerous chemicals from the house. This includes bug killers, weed sprays, lead-based products and other household chemicals.
  • Eat healthy foods and exercise.

It’s always important to know your family health history, as well as your partner’s, and share it with your healthcare provider.

Handle Your Stress

Getting ready to welcome a new baby into the world can be stressful. Feeling the strain doesn’t make you any less of a man. Sharing the good times with your partner along the way can make it easier to deal with the hard times.

Learn the Basics

Pregnancy and childbirth can seem complicated and confusing for men. The good news is that you don’t have to know all the details. Healthcare providers can help you with that. When you go to the visits, ask questions and learn, just like your partner is doing. Here are some basics for now:

Support Your Partner

The role of the father during pregnancy is greater than many men believe. Whether things with your partner are good, bad or somewhere in between — during pregnancy — you become parents together.