I’m thinking about kids someday

Now is a good time to start getting ready for fatherhood— even if it’s still a few years away.

Did you know that your health is as important to your baby as it is to your partner? If you have an STI (sexually transmitted infection), you could infect her and make it harder to get pregnant. If you’re around dangerous chemicals or smoke, your partner breathes these in, too. These toxins can cause birth defects. Take care of yourself so your family stays healthy.

Healthy Body

You are valuable to your family. So, keep yourself healthy, mentally fit and emotionally supported. Here are some tips on how you can keep yourself, your partner and your future baby healthy.

Healthy Environment

Whether you’re considering having kids a few months from now or a few years, you need to recognize certain chemicals and conditions in your home or workplace that can jeopardize your reproductive health.

Healthy Mind

Taking care of your mind is an important step in taking care of your body.