Local perinatal coalitions

Texas has a wide network of local coalitions looking at infant mortality. They use local data and proven strategies to address problems and support community-level change.

Some focus on increasing rates of breastfeeding. Others focus on the availability of prenatal education.

As a network, these coalitions are leading community-informed initiatives. And they are improving the health of moms and babies in diverse ways.

Local coalitions can improve the lives of men, women, teens, children and infants. They do so through interventions and by bringing attention to the many issues that impact infant mortality.


CityMatCH Website – The CityMatCH site gives coalitions tools for starting evidence-based interventions. Many of the top coalitions in Texas have use its model to examine local birth and death data. They can then prioritize the areas of need and create bigger impacts.

University of Kansas Community Tool Box – This site houses tools for outreach, assessment, evaluation and social change.

Institute for Healthcare Improvement – This group is a leader in addressing quality improvement in health care for hospitals and communities. Its model is very adaptable and can inform rapid change.

Community Health Partnerships: Tools and Information for Development and Support – Created by the National Business Coalition on Health and the Community Coalitions Health Institute. It provides guidance on collaborations between community health care, public health and the business community.

The March of Dimes Prematurity Prevention Resource Center offers toolkits for reducing poor birth outcomes.

The March of Dimes PeriStats site houses data on a number of different birth outcomes. Users can run specific reports based on their needs.

Texas Health Indicators is an initiative of the DSHS Center for Health Statistics to better convey Texas data trends to the public.

The Center for Health Statistics allows visitors to run queries on specific data collection systems.