When it comes to babies, optimal patient care begins before conception. Help Texas women get healthy now — before a baby is on the way — and show fathers how being involved helps ensure better birth outcomes and a healthy child.

Someday Starts Now offers tools health care providers can use to help their patients make healthy decisions today so they can be ready for a baby in the future.

Providers may download Birth Plan and Life Plan templates, patient worksheets and more. Providers can also order preconception and prenatal care posters to hang in exam rooms and waiting rooms. Videos will help providers recognize opportunities to talk about important aspects of the preconception period with their patients. The videos highlight the important messages providers can pass on, discuss or share in their waiting rooms.


Use the downloadable resources below or order free print materials to spread the word in your community. Consider this your ultimate outreach resource. Thank you for your support! And please keep us posted with how you’re implementing efforts in your community – send us an email at


Champion Guide: A resource-rich with information and actionable steps YOU can take to conduct outreach in your community. Plus, learn about health promotion toolkits that you can order for free, along with explanations of each and how to use them in your outreach.

Welcome Letter: An introduction to the program and an overview of how you can help.

PowerPoint Presentation: Customizable presentation template to share with groups, leaders, and individuals in your community.

Letter Templates: Customizable correspondence that you can send throughout your network to encourage them to visit the Someday Starts Now website.

Sample Newsletter Article: Article designed specifically to share with newsletters of organizations in your community.

Sample Op-Ed Article: Opinion article that you can send to the hometown newspaper. It contains facts and information about infant mortality and Someday Starts Now effort.

Letter to Community Leaders: Formal letter that you can send to elected officials and other leaders as a request for support.

Talking Points: Scripted talking points that you can use on the phone or at in-person meetings to explain this important effort.

Frequently Asked Questions: A series of Q&As; to help equip you with prepared responses when asked questions about this effort.

Our Men’s Wellness Checklist and Women’s Wellness Checklist can help start and guide conversations between providers and patients for better health.