Debunking the Acai Berry Myths: Which of the Claims Are True?

The Acai berry is being marketed as a miracle cure. Many have gone so far as to call it a ‘Fountain of Youth’. A short trip to your local grocery and you are sure to find something or the other labeled Acai berry in one of the aisles. So are these claims about Acai berry having anti-aging, weight loss, and longevity properties true?
The following are some of the many claims of the properties of Acai berry:

– Energy levels are increased

– Sexual performance increased

– Better digestion

– Sleep is improved

Good source of fiber

– Detoxification of body

– Good source of fiber

– Younger looking skin

– assists against chronic illness such as diabetes and heart health

– helps moderate cholesterol

That is a fairly long list, and this is edited from the many, many claims that some manufacturers have created. I had to exclude those claims that Acai would lower gas prices, pay tuition, and make your girlfriend listen to you.


The reality behind the Acai berry:

Looks like the Acai berry has a great marketing team, but the reality behind it is far from the claims. While the Acai berry does have about ten times more antioxidants compared to grapes and about twice the amount as blueberries, that doesn’t quite cut it for the claims listed above. Omega-3s can also be found in Acai, equivalent to about the same amount as vitamins.

To drink or not to drink:

The manufacturers of Acai berry juice say that drinking two ounces of juice twice a day yields the equivalent of fourteen fruits a day. While I am not sure whether that much fruit is even a good thing, think about the stress that your kidneys and liver would go through purging all of the excess nutrients. That is, of course, the claims are even true.

Acai berry juice

A week of Acai berry juice will drain your wallet of roughly forty dollars. That’s approximately two-thousand dollars a year. For that price, there are many proven supplements that can be used. At the very best, Acai berry is a fast and convenient alternative to substitute fruits that you should have been eating already. On a personal level, I advocate getting nutrients from a variety of fruits and vegetables and adding in Acai berry to the mix. There is no solid research for all of the claims made about Acai berry so be wary before buying!

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