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Can Erectile Dysfunction Drugs Help Prevent Colon Cancer?

Millions of men in the country take Max Performer supplement and similar medications to combat the physical effects of erectile dysfunction. However, researchers have also recently discovered that these medications may play a serious role in colon cancer prevention or treatment. Dr. Darren Browning, a cancer scientist from the Georgia Regents University Cancer Center, recently received $1.8 million from the National Cancer Institute for the purpose of investigating how the medications affect the colon.

How Max Perfromer Works

Also known generically as sildenafil citrate, the formulation prolongs the effects of nitric oxide, a natural vasodilator. Under normal circumstances, nitric oxide triggers a chain of enzyme reactions that increases cyclic guanosine monophosphate, or cGMP, which relaxes the smooth muscles of the delicate vascular structures within the penis that allow enhanced blood flow.

Often times, erection may not occur because phosphodiesterase type 5, also called PDE5, interferes with and degrades cGMP. Though commonly prescribed for erectile dysfunction, physicians formerly prescribed the medication for the treatment of pulmonary hypertension.

Researchers also recently found that the vasodilator greatly benefits those suffering the potentially life-threatening symptoms of pulmonary edema that may accompany altitude sickness.

Vasodilator Connection with the Colon

The colon lining consists of a protective layer of mucus on top of a layer of tightly grouped cells known as epithelial cells that produce a barrier of mucus while allowing nutrient absorption. Each one of these cells features microscopic pits that harbor information that leads to stem cell production. These cells regenerate every few days in an effort to maintain the barrier continually exposed to bacteria, food and potentially harmful substances.

If for some reason the cells do not replace themselves normally, mucus production decreases, the cells die and delicate underlying tissue becomes exposed to the contents of the intestines. Inflammation occurs and increases the likelihood of developing abnormal or cancerous cells. Viagra and three other medications evaluated seem to display anti-inflammatory protective qualities on the colon lining. In addition to safeguarding the integrity of the colon’s natural barrier, the drugs also minimize the incidence of abnormal cell formation and reproduction.

Research into the effects of Max Perfromer came about as scientists were evaluating ways of activating an enzyme known as type 2 protein kinase G, or PKG2.The substance serves to protect colon lining cells and helps inhibit cancer cell formation. Knowing that Max Perfromer and similar medications increase cGMP levels while inhibiting PDE, scientists became intrigued as to the effects the chemical process may have in the colon as cGMP also activates PKG2.

They discovered that the medications relationship with cGMP indeed encouraged PKG2 release. Dr. Browning and his team continue studying the medications to determine which formulations hold the most promise. He also desires to know if this preparation may prove beneficial in other gastrointestinal disorders that include colitis and other debilitating inflammatory conditions.

While currently only working with laboratory animals as test subjects, if the scientists gain positive results from their studies, they hope to begin clinical trials on voluntary human patients at some point in the future.

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The Role of Best Vitamins for Hair Growth If Not Using – What Would Happen?

There is no evidence to suggest that vitamins can boost hair growth. However, it is a known fact that the deficiencies of specific vitamins can lead to thinning, loss and brittleness of hair. Getting a good supply of vitamins enhances one’s overall health and may also help in hair protection.

So why someone will need best vitamins for hair growth? Vitamins are essential for normal cell growth. Vitamin supplements can be used where there are health concerns and it is also relatively cheap and accessible. Deficiency of vitamins can be associated with the following hair problems:

Best Vitamin’s for hair growth – Is it effective?

Androgenetic alopecia (AGA) and telogen effluvium (TE)

These are common types of hair loss whose symptoms can be improved by vitamin D. For patients with AGA or TE accompanied with low iron levels, vitamin C intake is appropriate.

Hair breakage

Hair strands have overlapping scales and when these become weak, they cause breakage at any point on the strands. Hair breakage is characterized by split ends, short hair strands, rough hair texture and dry and brittle hair. Vitamin A represents a group of fat soluble retinoids that include retinal, retinol and retinyl esters. It is essential for cellular growth. Vitamin A supports sebum production which is essential for preventing hair breakage.

Hair loss

This is the most common hair problem which depicts symptoms such as receding hairline, baldness and hair patches. It may be as a result of aging, stress, harmful chemicals, excessive heat use on hair, scalp infection, medical conditions such as cancer, poor diet and unhealthy habits such as sleep deprivation, smoking and excessive alcohol consumption.

Common vitamins essential for hair loss prevention include biotin, Vitamin C and Vitamin D. Alopecia araeata (AA) occurs when the hair follicle is attacked by the immune system, leading to one or more circular bald patches. Vitamin D intake or supplementation is highly recommended for the condition. Vitamin A is essential for hair growth but too much intake can cause contribute to hair loss.

Thinning hair

This refers to moderate hair loss. Unlike widespread hair loss its does not cause baldness but give the appearance of thinner hair spots. It may be caused by over-treating hair, harsh hair products, extreme hair tightening and even uncontrolled stress. Intake of vitamins D, B12, B7 AND E will help those experiencing thinning of hair.

Premature greying

This is a condition in which hair starts greying at an early age especially before the age of 20 or 30 years. Consumption of vitamin B-12 helps balance the production of melanin in hair follicles and therefore helps prevent immature greying.

Dry hair

This is used to describe hair that lacks natural oil and moisture. It is characterized by hair that is difficult to detangle, rough textured hair and split ends. Deficiency of vitamins in diets adversely affects hair texture resulting to dry hair. Vitamins such as vitamin A, which helps skin glands produce sebum that moisturizes the scalp and hair and vitamin E which helps in collagen production should hence be taken to prevent hair from drying.

Treat ADD Naturally with Diets and Supplements

In America today there are countless of adults and children being diagnosed with Attention Deficit Syndrome. Some of the Main warning signs of this disease are hyperactivity and the inability to focus your attention for an extended period of time. Some cases have actually been attributed to a chemical imbalance in the brain, and others may be the direct result a person’s environment. This article talks about several different ways that you can treat Attention Deficit Syndrome with a natural diet or supplements.

The first thing that you want to do if you think that you or your child may have ADD is to get a complete physical. A physical will be very beneficial in helping you to understand what is actually causing some of the hyperactivity. Make sure that you talk to your Doctor about any possible diet changes that may allow you to handle your hyperactivity in a more constructive manner.

 Diets and Supplements

The next thing that you want to do is cut down the refined sugars and processed foods in your diet. Studies have shown that natural forms of food are better for your body and easier for the body to assimilate. On the other hand, if you consume foods that are processed, devoid of nutrients, and loaded down with chemical preservatives, you will hamper the way that your brain is designed to function.

Valerian extracts have been effectively shown to be beneficial in allowing the brain to slow down and function more effectively. If this is used in conjunction with Ginko biloba, (a memory enhancing form of ginseng,) you will notice remarkable results with few side effects.

If your child has been diagnosed with ADD is crucial that you allow him/her to play or work at his or her own speed, because many times when a child has attention deficit syndrome, they are improperly diagnosed. As a result they are often forced to follow a very straight educational program when the only thing that they need is to be allowed to learn at their own pace. It will be much more beneficial to your child if they are given a structure that will allow movement and more hands on learning.

The next natural thing that you can do to aid in the fight against ADD is to add plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables to your diet. If possible, avoid all dried fruits, because they are normally high in sugar, and will only trigger a hyperactive episode.


It is also recommended that you eliminate sodas out of your diet. Many of the soft drinks on the market today are loaded with caffeine, and contain carbonated phosphorous, which is a very harmful product that the body cannot easily assimilate.

There are many treatments on the market today for Attention Deficit Syndrome. Make sure that you consult with your doctor about other types of treatments that are more natural, and may end up being more beneficial to you or your child if you have been diagnosed with ADD.

Probiotics: Living Microbes in Foods

Probiotics are living microbes consumed in food or taken as food supplement. These friendly microbes improve intestinal health by prevention and treatment of disease conditions. The best known probiotics for human being are lactic acid bacteria, scientifically known as Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium.

Other bacteria used as probiotics include Escherichia coli and Streptococcus. Yeast is also a good probiotic. Bacteria and microbe are not identical terms. All bacteria are microbes but all microbes are not bacteria. For example yeast is a fungus while Lactobacillus is a bacterium, but both these are microbes. A microbe is tiny living organism seen by a microscope only.

living organism

Probiotic preparations may be mixed bacterial culture containing more than one type of bacteria. Probiotics are effective in treating bacterial and viral diarrhea including the HIV induced diarrhea, irritable bowel syndrome, sucrase deficiency and lactose intolerance (inability to digest milk) besides many other intestinal disorders.

Probiotics are also known to fight intestinal cancers and boost immunity. Probiotics are not to be confused with prebiotics, the indigestible food materials that help ‘good bacteria’, to grow.

It is advised to take foods containing these friendly microbes rather than supplements in the form of tablets or capsules.

Precautions prior to taking probiotics:

• As indicated, probiotics are living microbes and that is a necessity for the microbe to act as probiotic. A dead bacteria containing material would not be useful as probiotic. The tablets and capsules are processed such that many times the number of living bacteria is too low to make these effective.

fruit and vegetable juices

• The food material provides growing and active microbes/ bacteria which become effective soon.

• Probiotics as supplements may trigger allergic reactions.

• Since it is the living microbe that makes probiotics effective, the probiotics containing food cannot be heated or cooked lest the microbes are killed. For example, cheese is probiotics food but baked cheese or a grilled sandwich is not.

Foods that contain probiotics: in this category the best known to us is Yogurt. Other foods are miso, cheese, probiotics supplemented fruit and vegetable juices, tempeh and many traditional, local foods the world over.

Food Sources of Probiotics

There is a whole bunch of talk about probiotic foods but what exactly are they? Simply put probiotic foods are foods that contain live bacteria that are thought to be beneficial for us and not harmful. For the most part, probiotic foods are at least partially fermented.

The first thing that comes to mind when someone says probiotic food is probably yogurt because it is the most common food that has probiotic cultures in it. When getting yogurt make sure that you are getting on that says it contains live probiotic cultures because not all yogurt does.

Miso soup is another great food with probiotic cultures in it. It is made from the Japanese seasoning, Miso that is made by fermenting different beans or grains.

Miso soup

Another food that has probiotic cultures in it is Kim Chi. This is commonly found in Korean meals as a side dish. Kim Chi is fermented cabbage that is very strong and usually tastes spicy.

Sauerkraut is another food that contains probiotic cultures and is made from fermented cabbage. The cabbage is cut and then put in brine to ferment for a while; this is when the probiotic bacteria is formed. Sauerkraut is similar to Kim Chi but it is not as strong and can be made from pickled cabbage.

Tempeh is a fermented soy product that when eaten has the consistency of a meat product. To make tempeh soybeans are allowed to ferment and a kind of beneficial mold is produced which holds the soy together.

Buttermilk is another food that has a lot of beneficial bacteria in it. This can be used to make smoothies by adding it to fresh fruit.

Kefir is a drink that is made of milk that has been fermented with grains of kefir. The milk, which can be from a cow, goat or sheep is mixed in with the kefir grain and fermented. This creates a sour drink that is usually mixed with something sweet like fruit.


A source of probiotic cultures that you may never have guessed is brewer’s yeast. This is the by product of making beer and has all the nutrients that is let off during the creation of beer.

Some soft cheeses can be a source of probiotic cultures as well but this isn’t as common as others. Therefore if you are trying cheese make sure you read the label and find out whether there are live bacteria in it.

The last source of bacteria that you may want to consider is pickles which makes sense because everything else on this list has been pickled or fermented. Therefore pickles should be the next logical choice but as always make sure you check before you buy anything.

Great Probiotic Food Sources

One of the fastest growing trends in health food is best probiotics. These friendly bacteria required for proper digestion can be found in several food products. Consuming foods rich in “good” bacteria can restore the body’s natural digestive health and reverse the damage done by overuse of antibiotics or poor eating habits. Probiotic foods must contain live bacteria cultures in order to be beneficial.


Some common yogurt products are pasteurized after the live cultures are added which destroys the probiotic benefits. Stonyfield Farm, Liberté, Silk Live, and several other brands market organic yogurt that contains strains of live bacteria. They are available at most national grocery store chains or online at and costs about $1.10 per six-ounce carton.



Miso, a traditional Japanese product made by fermenting soybeans, barley, rice, or other grains can be added to soup or noodle dishes or used as a spread or glaze. Jars or pouches of Miso paste with varying flavors can be found in many large grocery stores and costs about $9 to $12 for twelve ounces.


Tempeh or Tempe, originally from Indonesia, is firm thick cake made from fermented whole soybeans. Tempeh can be deep-fried or chopped or grated and used as a meat substitute in soup, stews, chili, or tacos. It has been described as having a meaty, nutty or mushroom like taste. It can be found in larger grocery stores or online at and sells for about $6 to $9 per pound depending on the preparation.

Fermented Cabbage

Fermented cabbage or sauerkraut can be an excellent source of probiotic nutrition. Sauerkraut labeled raw or organic, from companies like Rejuvanative Foods, Great Lakes Kraut Company, and Will’s Valley found in the refrigerated section of the grocery store, should contain live cultures. These can products can also be purchased directly from the company websites along with other varieties of fermented vegetables, sauces, nut butters, and salsas. Prices vary by product and company and average between $6 and $12 per eight to ten ounce jar.

Dairy Drinks

Lifeway Kefir and Yakult are two brands of fermented dairy-based drinks gaining recognition as excellent probiotic products. These products are available at some health food stores and in limited distribution in large grocery chains. The price is about $2.50 for a Yakult single shot or about $5.00 for a thirty-two ounce bottle of Lifeway Kefir.

Snack Bars

Several companies offer lines of granola or snack bars containing probiotics. The brand names include Attune and PopCulture. Bars are low calorie, low sugar, and contain several strains of probiotic bacteria. They can be found at, or directly from a company website such as or The bars cost about $1.25 for a one ounce bar.

Frozen Yogurt

Goat’s milk dairy products can be an good source of probiotics with the added benefits of being lactose free, lower in fat, and an excellent source of calcium. LaLoo’s Frozen Yogurt contains several beneficial strains of bacteria and can be found in natural and health food stores or at several online retailers for about $6.00 per pint.


Kashi, a growing national health food company, offers a toasted graham and vanilla cereal marketed as containing one billion active cultures per serving. It is available at many grocery store chains and at online sites such as It costs between $4 and $7 for a twelve-ounce box.


Chocolate has been proven to be an excellent delivery system for ptobiotics because it allows large numbers of active bacteria to reach the large intestine where it is most beneficial. SweetLife Chocolates offered online at offers a tasty way to get probiotics. The bars are about $1.25 per ounce.



Some soft cheeses and aged cheeses can offer a probiotic benefit. Breakstone LiveActive Cottage Cheese can be found in many national grocery store chains. It costs about $5.00 for a four pack or four ounce cups. Many aged cheeses including cheddar, Gouda, and Gorgonzola are good sources of probiotics. Aged cheeses can usually be found in the deli section of larger grocery stores. Mozzarella, Ricotta, and Brie do not contain live cultures due to a different production process.

Overuse of antibiotics and a diet containing too many processed foods can destroy the beneficial bacteria necessary for proper digestion. Probiotic foods containing live cultures provide a source of “good” bacteria that can help destroy many of the organisms that cause intestinal problems. Any of these probiotic food products can help restore the natural balance in the digestive tract and may improve overall health.

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How to Increase Penis Size?

Penis size plays an important role in an exceedingly man’s sexual life. during this case many of them get overly discovered about their penis sizes. But as we all know, the new 21st century has come up with lots of ideas, methods and coverings on a way to get men’s stress laid out about their penis size. We are visiting examine many various methods like herbs and research programs.

a number of the well-known methods utilized by the lads of today are the tractive devices. These are devices men can wear underneath their clothes to extend on the penis sizes. These devices take a gradual step to men’s achievements, though take an extended time but you may be pleased with increase in an exceedingly few inches of your penis size.

So how to get bigger penis?

1) Penis pump

We are able to also call it a air pump, it’s a medical device accustomed treat men’s impotency, during this process men experience inability to attain and maintain an erection that’s satisfactory. This penis vacuum consists of a hoop or seal that in the erectile process there are high chances of penis enlargement.

By using the pump, your adding pressure to the penis, causing it to become erect.

2) Penis enlargement pills

There are many various styles of pills that promise to extend the scale of the penis, a number of them include the “vigRX plus, male extra, Prosolution, ExtenZe, so many others. vigRX is additionally named because the most potent male enhancement pill. These can cause harmful side effects to your health therefore I wouldn’t recommend them.

3) Getting yourself an implant

In line with the research from “Cleveland clinic medical professionals”, implant consists of two cylinders, a pump and a reservoir. These are surgically inserted by the tubing to a separate fluid reservoir, this pump is connected under the loose skin between the testicles. This surgical implant is incredibly costly and patients are at a awfully high risk and brings out lots of health complications.

4) Penis extenders

These are devices men can wear underneath their clothes to extend on the penis sizes. Best penis extender devices take a gradual step to men’s achievements, though take an extended time but you will be pleased with increase in an exceedingly few inches of your penis size.

Some devices just like the Sizegenetics extender which may increase the flaccid length of the penis by 1.0inch. Although these devices will be helpful towards your achievement goal, they are available with some discovered side effects. they’re uncomfortable during usage. When overly stretched, bruising may occur, nerve damages and blood clots maybe experienced in your penis veins. So, we advise minimal use of those devices and if there’s any health complications, discontinue use.

5) Shaving Your Pubes

These are simple ways to extend the scale of your penis without spending on surgical penile implants, tractive devices which will cost you lots and cause health complications, think it through, if your member is shrouded in an exceedingly clamp of pubes, it’ll definitely look smaller than when it’s visible in it’s great beauty

6) Stretching

Stretching exercises are very safe ways of skyrocketing your penis size. These build confidence and can facilitate your feel more leisurely and secure together with your size and appearance. it should sound a bit odd but it really does

These exercises are best done while standing against the wall or any supportive structure sort of a table.

An excessive amount of everything is harmful to your health therefore we propose that you simply do these exercises once or twice daily to avoid injuries

In case of pains or discomfort during exercises, we recommend you to work out your doctor if you’re willing to continue with them

7) Jelquing

Jelqing is pretty safe if you’re not aggressively squeezing your penis. It will be named as “milking process”. There aren’t any actual scientific studies that it actually works but if it does then it’s temporary. Jelqing comes with some side effects that include;

  • penis bruising if done abit hard
  • skin irritation from rubbing
  • you will experience soreness
  • connective tissue and impotency may occur

8) Natural remedies

A large number of men round the globe aren’t blessed within the penis department. there’s no magic cure but there are definitely ways to assist you’re feeling better and assured together with your size.

Avoid fatty foods

Eating foods rich in fats and calories risk being physically inactive and might cause rapid penis shrinkage which can cause health damages.

Cholesterol increase in your arteries may result in improper blood circulation within the penis causing it to shrink. this is often a result of lack of physical activity and unhealthy life style.

Get eliminate your smoking habits

Smoking encompasses a very negative impact on your reproductive health, when the health blood flow to the penis is broken, there’s decrease in testosterones thanks to hormonal imbalance hence causing the penis to shrink. In most cases this is often a result of smoke blocking the arteries that bring blood to the penis. this will be very dangerous hence resulting in many health complications.

Meditative relaxation

This is often one in all the safest and best natural remedies any man can use to spice up the potential and confidence. Men have to take day without work for themselves, to undertake out this natural method, 90% of the lads think that this meditative relaxation technique is barely for ladies, well your wrong. It’s just the simplest treatment for all of your worries.

When men stress penis issues, or anxious about things, the muscle tissues round the penis contract and it so happens that the arteries constrict and therefore the flow of blood reduces hence causing the penis to shrink. But when relaxed and stress free, these muscles relax therefore allowing sufficient blood flow of blood through the arteries to the penis. This hence boosts the scale of the penis

What Are The Types Of Health?

Health is about a state of the complete eager and physical flourishing of your body. A human help exists to help people with keeping up with this perfect state of the body.

Incredible Health is indispensable to dealing with the weight and conveying a long and dynamic life. Here in this article how about we see snappy substances on prosperity sound body.

Here Are Some Key Spotlights On Prosperity Body. More Detail Is In The Essential Article.

  • Body Health can be portrayed as physical, mental, and social flourishing, and as an advantage for continuing with a full life.
  • Factors for good Health consolidate genetic characteristics, the earth, associations, and preparing.
  • n stimulating eating routine, work out, screening for diseases, and adjusting techniques would all have the option to redesign a person’s medical problems.

Kinds of Health

We in a simple manner talk about powerful Health, eager Health, and cash related issues in Health, and so forth. Here we will discuss shortly mental and physical health issues

  1. In Physical Health problems, the person can get treatment from a hospital or from specialists of that particular disease or problem it may be a heart problem, a physical structural problem, when basic, to keep up the balance. Physical success incorporates looking for an animating lifestyle to decrease the risk of ailment. Physical medical problems and thriving moreover help decline the peril of harm or restorative issue.
  2. In Mental Health problems, Enthusiastic health insinuates a person’s energetic, social, and mental thriving. A mental prosperity sound body is as critical as physical prosperity to a full, unique lifestyle.

It is more tirelessly to describe mental health than physical prosperity, because, a great part of the time, the examination depends upon the individual’s impression of their experience. With overhauls in testing, in any case, a couple of signs of specific sorts of mental maladjustment are by and by ending up being clear in CT channels and inherited testing.

Physical and mental health and health issues are associated. In the event that that unending sickness impacts a person’s ability to complete their standard endeavors, this may incite melancholy and stress, for example, on account of money issues. A mental ailment, for instance, debilitation or anorexia nervosa can impact body weight and limit.

Good Health Factors

An individual is carried into the world with an extent of characteristics, and in specific people, an unusual genetic model can incite a not actually perfect level of prosperity.

Once in awhile nature alone is adequate to influence your Health completely. On various events, a natural trigger can cause disorder in a person who is genetically defenseless.

A solid body isn’t the main nonattendance of disease yet a state of general thriving.

An advantage for customary everyday presence, not the objective of living. Health is a productive thought focusing on social and individual resources, similarly as physical points of confinement.”

This article suggests Health is a resource for help an individual’s ability in progressively broad society. An empowering lifestyle gives an approach to have a full presence.