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What You Should Know About Testogen Booster Drops?

Men require testosterone to maintain their masculinity.

But due to modern lifestyle, testosterone levels are declining at an alarming rate due to emotional strains, processed foods, alcohol, and high sugar levels.

This has resulted in low T-levels even in young men below age 30.

You have probably come across Testogen: one of the most popular T-boosters and the only that comes with testosterone booster drops that facilitate rapid testosterone rush.

Here is everything you should know about Testogen Booster Drops.

What is Testogen Booster Drops?

Testogen Booster Drops is a liquid formula that facilitates faster absorption of the active ingredients in Testogen capsules into the bloodstream resulting in more rapid testosterone production.

They allow immediate delivery of active elements in the bloodstream.

They are designed to be taken together with Testogen capsules.

Testogen Booster Drops Ingredients

The booster drops contain natural ingredients including

Epimedium Sagittatum

It is also known as horny goat weed.

It improves erectile dysfunction by protecting nerves, enhances the immune system, and strengthens bones.

Pfaffia Paniculata

Pfaffia Paniculata is also known as suma, or Brazilian Ginseng (it is not related to ginseng).

It is an adaptogen that supports the body to adjust to stress by enhancing the immune system.

Also, it is used as an aphrodisiac to enhance sexual arousal.

Vitamin D

A study published in the International Journal of Endocrinology showed Vitamin D supplementation improves sexual health in men.

Previous studies showed that low levels of Vitamin D were linked to poor sexual function in men.

Panax Korean Ginseng

Panax Korean Ginseng boosts stamina, energy and immune system.

It also reduces fatigue and lowers blood glucose levels, thus enhancing cognition.

Studies show Panax ginseng boosts free testosterone in the body.

Moringa Oleifera

Moringa is becoming a popular aphrodisiac.

Studies show that moringa oleifera may enhance sexual dysfunction caused by stress.


Zinc promotes the circulation of free testosterone in the bloodstream.


L-Arginine is a popular vasodilator.

It changes to nitric oxide, which promotes relaxation of blood vessels, enhancing blood circulation to the reproductive organs.

How to Use?

Testogen booster drops should be used orally; two doses twice daily.

They should be taken together with Testogen capsules.

Benefits of Testogen Booster drops

Testogen booster drops facilitate faster absorption of the ingredients in the bloodstream to:

  • Boost strength and power immediately
  • Enhance your physical performance
  • Rapid energy increase and stamina
  • Promote leaner muscle by burning fat faster
  • Increase focus and sexual motivation
  • Increase libido

Packages and Pricing

Testogen booster drops can be purchased on their own or as part of Testogen combos.


  • 1 month supply (60ml testodrops): $34.99 | Savings $5.00
  • 2 month’s supply +1 month free (180ml testodrops): $69.98 | Savings: $50.00
  • 3 month’s supply +2 months free (300ml testodrops): $104.97 | Savings: $95.00

Testogen Combos

  • 1 month’s supply (1 bottle of Testogen (120 capsules) + 1 bottle of Testodrops (60ml): $89.99 | Savings : $20.00
  • 2 month’s supply (3 bottles of Testogen(360 capsules) + 1 month free (3 bottles of Testodrops (180ml): $189.97 |Savings : $140.00
  • 3 month’s supply (5 bottles of Testogen (600 capsules) + 2 months free (5 bottles of Testodrops (300 ml): $284.96 | Savings : $265.00

Take Away

Testodrops boost your testosterone levels faster by enhancing direct ingredient delivery into the bloodstream.

This results in quicker and improved effect from Testogen capsules.

Best Workouts for Thrill Seekers

Thrill seekers are normally active people. Think about it, there aren’t any thrill seeking adventures that you can do from your couch. This makes it easy to get a great workout while taking on an adventure. Most thrill seeking takes place in nature.

Nature and fitness go together naturally as it’s hard to be lazy and avoid exercise when you’re out and about in the great outdoors. If you are a thrill seeker looking to get some exercise here are some workouts you can get while getting a rush.

Swimming in Deep Water

Last summer I got into swimming in a major way. It started out with me getting some great exercise in the pool, but ended up with me swimming in the deep waters of the ocean. Swimming in deep water gave me a great rush in addition to a great workout.


The adventure of knowing that the only thing keeping you from death is your ability to keep yourself afloat should appeal to all thrill seekers. The exercise I got from this deep water workout was far more fun due to the sense of adventure.

Swimming in general is a great workout to exercise your entire body, and swimming in a huge body of deep water kept my mind far more stimulated than swimming back and forth in a small kidney shaped pool. For all you active thrill seekers out there, you can mix things up with some great underwater swimming.

Rock Climbing

Rock climbing is a great workout opportunity for the exercise enthusiastic thrill seeker. As you would imagine, rock climbing delivers a great exercise packaged in a great upper body workout. What people do not think of is all the leg exercise involved with rock climbing.

Rock Climbing

You may grab the rocks with your hands but if you are going to last long enough to get some elevation, you will need to grab with your hands but use your legs to pull your body up. Rock climbing is a great adventure for thrill seekers and even a better workout.

Rock climbing will get your heart pounding before the workout without any exercise. Rock climbing is one of the very best workouts a person can get, which makes the adventure a huge bonus to the thrill seeker. For those whom are not thrill seekers but want to experience the intense full body workout that rock climbing offers, you can go to an indoor climbing wall where you can get all the exercise of rock climbing without the risk.

One-A-Day VitaCraves Gummies Complete Adult Multivitamin & Multimineral Supplements Review

One of my favorite multi vitamins supplements to take daily is One-A-Day VitaCraves Gummies Complete Adult Multivitamin amp; Multimineral Supplements. The reason I like these vitamins so much is because I have a hard time swallowing pills and I to not always nice the hard chewable forms of vitamins.

These gummy vitamins are easy to take and easy for me to chew and swallow and they really seem to help deliver all the vitamins and minerals I need to help support my immune system so I can stay healthy and strong.

One-A-Day Adult Multivitamins amp; Multimineral Supplements sour gummies and regular sweet gummies. The gummies are simply little round chews with a nice light sugar coating on the tops of them. The sour gummies are my personal favorite ones to take and come in the flavors of sour apple, cherry, and raspberry.

apple vitamin gummy

The colors the sour vitamins come in are green, blue and red. The regular sweet vitamin gummies come in the flavors of cherry, orange and raspberry. The come in the colors of blue, red and oranges. My favorite flavor is the sour apple vitamin gummy, but I think they all are pretty close to tasting like gummy bears, worms, and any other sugar coated gummy candy.

I would recommend that you do however keep these vitamins out of reach because little kids will think they are candy and will try to get into them even if they are in a child safe container. I know this because my little cousin thought they were just gummy candies and really wanted to simply eat them and I had to explain to her that they were not.

Anyways, One-A-Day Adult Multivitamins amp; Multimineral Supplements contain vitamins and minerals in them such as vitamins A, C, D, E, and B, Folic Acid, Biotin, Pantothenic Acid, Idoine, Zinc, Choline, and Inositol. All of these vitamins and minerals help strengthen the immune system and protect it, build strong bones and teeth, keep muscles and tissues healthy and strong, healthy eye sight, healthy skin, hair and nails, along with healthy organs.

They also provide the body with the nutrients it doesn’t get in your normal daily diet, and gives it the energy it needs to keep on going throughout your busy day. I also find them help keep me from getting the cold and flu, and help me reduce my stress and depression symptoms.

The amount of One-A-Day Adult Multivitamins amp; Multiminerals Supplements I take each day are 2. However, you may need to take 1 depending on how much you way, and you should talk to your doctor before taking these vitamin and mineral supplements to make sure they are safe and right for you.


Now the stores you can find the One-A-Day Adult Multivitamins amp; Multimineral Supplements at are Walmart, Target, Rite Aid, Walgreens, CVS, and sometimes even your local drugstores and grocery stores.

I like to get mine off of because they always seem to be cheaper. The price I pay for a bottle of 50 vitamins gummies is $10, but they may cost more or less depending on what store you decide to get them at.

I hope those of you who can’t swallow pills or have a hard time chewing hard chewable like these gummy vitamins as much as I do. If you do not I hope you can find some other gummy multivitamin supplement that you will like better. I wish you all the best of luck at keeping your bodies healthy and strong.

prime male review

Prime Male Review: Why Is It My Favourite Testosterone Booster?

Be open about it, there’s no denying the fact that you’re crossing the age where your healthy life is going downhill quite rapidly. It’s a reality that many would prefer to just ignore as it impacts their confidence and appearance on a huge scale. You can’t stay young forever but that does not necessarily mean that you are physically and emotionally imprudent to take action. Your health, muscular strength, sexual life, and your confidence can be improved significantly if you decide to do something about it and with the advancements in medicinal science, it’s getting safer and healthier to focus on your hormonal misbalance and what’s causing them.

Testosterone the male hormone essential for the male body to stay energetic on the road and active in bed. Instead of hiding from the reality that your age is partly the cause of your testosterone levels plunging. Low testosterone levels can really take a toll on the human body and trigger depression, cause losses in thew, makes you mediocre in bed, leads to obesity and weaken your bone to mention the few problems caused by low-T levels. The unfortunate reality is that after the age of 30, the average male observes diminution in testosterone levels by 1% annually which suggests that if you cross 80 years of blessings ‒ or misery whatever you want to call it ‒ statistically you will have lost half of your testosterones.

You don’t happen to be a male in his thirties and on-wards that can’t please his partner in bed, right? Right?! Well lucky for you this article was written to help all of us exceed in the bedroom and in the office. Testosterone boosters improve the quality of your life significantly. You will be stronger on the run, smarter in the office, energetic with the kids, athletic in the gym and substantial in bed. The procedure can be very complicated but here it comes down to taking a prescribed amount of the red pills like the Matrix.

About Prime Male

prime male supplement

Everyone has seen Keanu Reeves taking the red pill and to change his reality right, well Prime Male took that concept and made it realistic and the result was a naturally fabricated testosterone booster that would, later on, make everyone’s lives better. You have more energy as you enter a state of enriched vitality.

It provides your body with the necessary natural extracts and minerals to improve your testosterone levels in a pronounced way, you won’t feel the same ever again. Prime Male is a breakthrough testosterone booster that claims to be the only supplement packed with a combination of 12 critical nutrients which makes your testosterone levels inversely proportional to your age.

Prime Male offers the sex drive you need to improve your game and makes you a stud post-prime time. As a T-booster, it assures that you get rewarded with the looks for pumping the iron in the gym and will have noticeable results after your intense workout.


Prime Male is manufactured in an FDA-approved facility according to Good Manufacturing Practices, assuring the highest levels of both purity and quality. It contains no harmful synthetic ingredients hence why there are no significant drawbacks that would make you think twice before purchasing. However, we should be cautious of every product that we consume for optimum health.

  • Be sure to do an allergy test
  • Shouldn’t be used for an extensively long period of time
  • Should be used within the prescribed amount

Prescribed Amount

Always stick to a product’s prescribed amount of dose as being ignorant of this factor can be significantly dangerous. One capsule four times per day with a meal or snack is recommended. For optimum results, take daily and consistently. Definitely do not exceed the said amount and if any sort of irritation occurs, discontinue use and consult a doctor.


prime male ingredients

Prime Male packs in all the ingredients enriched with necessary nutrients for the development of testosterone levels, manufactured in an FDA approved facility. It is a clinically proven t-boosters that includes natural extracts of

  • D-Aspartic Acid Calcium Chelate (D-AA-CC)
  • BioPerine
  • Boron
  • Korean Red Ginseng
  • Luteolin
  • Magnesium
  • Mucuna Pruriens
  • Nettle Root
  • Vitamin B6
  • Vitamin D3
  • Vitamin K2
  • Zinc

Each nutrient is 100% immaculate which plays a crucial part in creating the way forward for your testosterone levels. They contain imperative minerals that boost energy development. For a deep insight, the website offers a breakdown with particular dosage amounts.

How safe is the product to be used?

The product is FDA approved which means that you can dump your worries in the trash can and use the supplements in the prescribed. Even the dosage is so well catered that the mild effect of it, doesn’t disrupt the internal organs.

Will Prime Male help with my lack of sex drive and inability to perform in the bedroom?

Prime Male is an anti-aging supplement, not a sex aid or “penis pill.” Having said that, Prime Male can restore your sex drive and enhance your ability to perform in the bedroom.

Who should use the product and who should not?

Prime Male has been formulated for men age 30 and older who want to regain some of the energy, vitality, and sex drive they had in their youth and sidestep the health issues that low testosterone can trigger.

Should I take Prime Male to help me pack on more muscle at the gym?

While not specifically formulated as a strength-building supplement, Prime Male can boost your testosterone levels – and testosterone is known to increase lean muscle mass. If building muscle and losing fat are your primary goals, you can enhance the effects of Prime Male by working out intensely or choosing a T-booster that specifically targets muscle growth.

How much does it cost?

prime male price

Prime Male comes in different bundle packages. That is feasible for various customers at different price points.

  • 1 Month + 1 Free: $69.00
  • 2 Months + 2 Free: $138.00
  • 6 Month Supply: $276.00

The official website is to be your first choice as they offer safe transactions and an assured that you won’t be getting a counterfeit product.

How long should I take Prime Male for?

You are very likely to notice the results in a month, which will include drastic changes in your energy, greater sex drive and the ability to focus well.

Do we recommend it?

If your sole purpose is to only improve your testosterone levels then yes, it is a very effective and promising product that is naturally formulated for health benefits. On top of it, Prime Male offers a 90-day money-back guarantee, hence if you’re not confident with the effects it had on you, just get a refund, win-win.

Prime Male Reviews

What makes a product so successful comes down to people’s opinions. Here are some of the reviews of the customers on PrimeMale.


“I bought this supplement because my friends kept on bragging about it, I’ve been using Nugenix and have gotten so used to it that I thought that was the only thing helping me out. I started using PrimeMale to help me out increase my sex drive and more energy thru out the day, and I was pretty surprised to feel the effects in just 2 weeks that I started taking it.

I’m on my 3rd month and it has been amazing, even though I’m barely 35, my testosterone was pretty low since I was 29, I took testosterone shots from my doctor but weren’t cutting it, after I thought there was no hope, this miracle pill came along and has saved my life and marriage also. Thank you Prime Male.”


“I started my search for testosterone boosters after I turned 40.

I started feeling tired, putting on weight and had no drive to want to work out.  I read a lot of reviews online about Prime Male and love that it was an all-natural product.

I decided to have my wife purchase me a bottle and loved the way it made me feel after a couple of weeks. I have more energy, I feel like working out and have the energy to complete my work-out regimen. I didn’t purchase Prime Male for the libido issues but it is a great added bonus.

I highly recommend Prime Male, you will not be disappointed.”


The lifestyle in the 21st century offers everything so instantly that if anything requires us to take an extra step to improve, we would let our laziness decide that it is better to just binge watch that Netflix series. Increasing your testosterone levels meant that you will have to re-evaluate your diet, sleep patterns, deficiency of vitamins, etc, however, this was before products like Prime Male did not formulate. As it is as simple as taking a red pill according to the prescription and you will have your energy levels blow off the roof. For optimum performance having a proper diet plan and a workout regime is still recommended.

  • 100% natural ingredients
  • Greater libido
  • Improves cardiovascular health
  • Strengthen bones
  • Helps in cutting down body fat
  • Emits wild sex energy (hypothetically)
  • Simple and very effective
  • Offers a 90-day money-back guarantee
  • Claims to boost testosterone 42% in 12 days


  • A few negative aspects of the product include
  • Not intended for muscle growth.
  • Pricey (as every quality t-booster is)
  • Not suitable for vegetarians and vegans

Final Words

prime male pills

Prime Male is a no-brainer if you want to improve your testosterone levels while respecting your body’s natural way of handling hormones. According to thousands of other men, these supplements changed their lives. Dominant individuals like Dolph Lundgren, Andre Reed, and Scott Zolak use Prime Male for the various benefits it offers that you wouldn’t want to miss out on.